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Meet Your Coach

   Cookie Williams is a Christian Professional Certified Life Coach with more than ten years of informal coaching experience.  She was certified in 2020 during the pandemic and has been designing a coaching practice that will cater to individuals seeking solutions to accomplish their goals. 


   Cookie has experienced a lot of life's highs and lows and has continued to beat the odds and overcome obstacles and met challenges with bold determination to succeed.  She's a native of Newark, NJ and started having children at the age of 14 years old and I had five by the time I was 26 years old.  Now, I'm married for over 20 years with seven amazing adult children and 14 wonderful grandchildren and counting... 

   Cookie was determined not to stay an inner city statistic and have her children follow that same path, she pushed forward through countless obstacles and issues to build a life that looks nothing like the 'hood where she grew up!  The transformation is tremendous and it continues!!

   Now, she's ready to coach others to that same level of success and beyond!!  Her philosophy is to take responsibility and design the life that you truly want!  Don't allow negative voices, whether it's internal or external to dictate your circumstances.  She constantly reiterates the fact that you can't be a victim and be victorious at the same time!!  Choose what you want and go for it!


   If you want to get clarity about what you want, set meaningful goals, create a real plan to accomplish those goals, and transform your life, connect with Cookie today!  She has several programs designed with you in mind.


   Cookie has the desire and the ability to coach you through your roadblocks and help you get to your next level of success!


Coach Cookie Williams

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